LiRE 0.9 released / 25.06.2010

After years of development finally a new and more reliable LiRE has been released. This release contains a lot of internal changes and of course package updates. Linux, Xenomai 2.5.1, RTnet 0.9.12 to just name a few. You can get this release as an ISO, ready to use on machines with a CDROM drive or as a tarball, ready to use e.g. on a CF-card.


RACK Live! Demo CD 2007 / 10.04.2007


LiRE V0.7.1 released / 23.02.2007

The release contains the Linux Kernel, Xenomai 2.3.0 (with Adeos 1.6_06 Patch), RTnet 0.9.8, RACK 0.4.0, bugfixes and legacy support for kernel 2.4.

You will find a short "get started" guide in the README file.

LiRE V0.7.1

LiRE V0.6.1 released / 18.08.2006

This release contains the Linux Kernel, Xenomai 2.2.0, RTnet 0.9.4, RACK 0.3.0, BusyBox 1.2.1, bugfixes and some new features like QEMU Image Support.

LiRE V0.6.1

We released LiRE 0.5 / 13.07.2005

* Kernel 2.6.10-adeos
* at76c503a-cvs
* RTNet 0.8.2-rc2
* RTAI-3.2
* Tools Package now default
* Updated libc
* Easier RTNet configuration
+ Added SubVersion compatibility
+ Added fstab autoload
+ Added OpenVPN
+ Added madWiFI WLAN Driver
+ Wireless-Tools
- Removed Kernel 2.4.x Support