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2020 GOLC - Online Lab Award Winner

Two Remote Labs were developed by the Centre for the Didactics of Engineering. Students can use them in class and outside the university. The Remote Labs are part of a subject-related didactical concept which has the object to activate large cohorts of students in university courses in classical lecturehalls. In total the students can participate in 15 experiments in the fields of industrial control technologies (PLC and microcontroller) as well as taskmanagement. In this video the Remote Labs and the didactical concept are presented.


M. Ed. Matthias Haack developed the Remote Labs in the course of his PhD. The PhD is supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing Bernardo Wagner und Dr.-Ing. Thomas Jambor. The Remote Labs are part of his self-developed Remote Lab Learning System - techSYS and have been rewarded with the GOLC Online Lab Award in 2020.