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M. Sc. Paul Fritsche

Research Assistant
Institute of Systems Engineering – Real Time Systems Group
Appelstraße 9A
30167 Hannover
room: 1210A

phone:+49 (511) 762-4421
fax:+49 (511) 762-4012
hours:by arrangement

Bild von M. Sc. Paul Fritsche


  • Robotic Fire-Fighters
  • SmokeBot

Working Fields

  • Sensorfusion
  • SLAM
  • Radar
  • Search and Rescue Robotics



  • Exercise Lecture for Industrial Control- and Realtime Systems (SS13,SS14, SS17)
  • Project Mobile Service Robots (SS16)

Proposed topics for student theses

Student These

  • Development of a ROS-Compatible Control Unit for an NXT-Robot based on an Embedded PC
  • Development of an Experimantal Setup for Localization with Continuous-Wave RADAR
  • Development of Roadmap Path Planning Algorithms for Mobile Robotic Navigation
  • Hazard Avoidance while Navigating a Robot through a Disaster Scenario
  • Development of Algorithms to Manage Return Mechanisms after Communication-Loss of  Mobile Robots in Rescue  and Catastrophe Scenarios