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  • USBV-Inspektor (2014 - 2017)

Working Fields

  • Self-Calibration of Mobile Robots.
  • Structured Light.



  • Labor: Steuerungstechnik (SS12-SS15)

Student Theses

  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using Different Depth Sensors, Master Thesis Computer Science, 2016.
  • Real-time Communication and Time Synchronization within RTROS, Master Thesis Computer Science, 2016.
  • Realization of a Mobile Manipulator Demonstrator in C++ and ROS, Bachelor Thesis Electrical Engineering, 2016.
  • Development and Evaluation of a Fiducial Marker Based Tracking with Mono- and Stereocameras, Master Thesis Electrical Engineering, 2016
  • Development of a Stereo Camera Based Tracking Unit for Capturing Rigid Bodies, Bachelor Thesis Computer Science, 2015 
  • Multiple Detection and Tracking of Persons Based on 2D Laser Scanner Data in Real Time, Master Thesis Mechatronics, 2015
  • Development and Evaluation of an Extrinsic One-Shot Calibration of a Projector-Camera-Pair Based on Pseudorandom-Coded Structured Light, Master Thesis Electrical Engineering, 2015.
  • Investigation and Improvement of the Accuracy of Serial Manipulators, Master Thesis Electrical Engineering, 2015.
  • Realization and Design of the Laboratory Experiment "Image Generation with a Laser" in LabVIEW, Bachelor Thesis Electrical Engineering, 2014.
  • GPU-Acceleration on Computer Vision on the Example of a Pattern Recognition, Seminar Thesis Computer-Aided Engineering, 2014.
  • Development and Evaluation of a 3D-Scanner Based on Pseudorandom-Coded Structured Light, Bachelor Thesis Electrical Engineering, 2014.
  • Extrinsic Calibration of 2D and 3D Laserscanners on mobile Robots, Diploma Thesis Electrical Engineering, 2013.
  • Application of a Manipulator Mounted 3D Depth Camera for Autonomous Navigation, Bachelor Thesis Electrical Engineering, 2013.
  • Implemenation of an Hand-Eye Calibration based on a Structure-From-Motion Approach, Bacher Thesis Electrical Engineering, 2013.
  • Implementation and Evaluation of an Holonomic Path Planning, Bachelor Thesis Electrical Engineering, 2013.
  • Implementation and Evaluation of a Collision Detection for Manipulators, Bachelor Thesis Mechatronics, 2012.